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Roger is a 20 y/o So Cal native who joined the Marines and, conveniently, got stationed close to home right here in San Diego.

He'd been thinking about doing porn off-and-on for the past couple years, wondering "how people got into it." So, when he saw the opportunity to give it a try, he told a few friends who all told him to go for it. Apparently, they wanted to know how it went because they were going to follow suit.

Roger is a fairly hairy guy for his age, a bit on the stocky side, and has an uncut cock. He got a little nervous once the cameras were on, but his dick didn't seem to mind the attention. It had been a couple days since Roger last busted a nut, so he was rock hard the whole time.

Must've been quite the orgasm for him, too. Roger's eyes rolled into the back of their sockets while streams of cum spilled out, covering his fuzzy stomach.

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