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There's kind of a funny story behind meeting Gus. I saw him online one day and gave him the "How'd ya like to do porn" line.

What I didn't realize at the time was that I had actually seen him on another site that a guy I know runs-- one that has a lot of military guys doing straight porn. But I didn't really put it all together that it was him until he showed up for the shoot. Talk about an ice-breaker!

Gus, it turned out, is a horny Marine who just loves to get off. He seemed to pretty clearly like showing off and getting the attention, so I thought I'd see how far I could push things and pulled out the measuring tape.

He didn't flinch for a second when I grabbed his dick. In fact, a big dab of pre-cum came oozing out. After a second Gus just threw it out there: "I think we need some lube."

And lube it up, I did. Within a few seconds, his eyes were rolling into the back of his head while shooting a big ol' load of cum onto his stomach.

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