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Gustavo is a recent transplant to San Diego who had been thinking about doing porn for a handful of years. Now 21 y/o, he got hit up to make his dream come true, but once the reality presented itself it was another 2-3 months before he worked up the nerve.

He grew up playing all the "tough guy" sports; football and wrestling were his favorites. These days he makes a living in the construction business. They've all leant to a thick build that really caught my eye.

As nervous as he was when he showed up for the shoot, the excitement seemed to overrule the newness of getting naked on camera for the first time; his cock was already halfway hard when he stripped off his jeans.

Gustavo is a self-described horndog who normally jacks off 4-5 times a day, so even saving up for a day was tough. I'd say it was well worth the wait. Once he got the go-ahead, Gustavo pounded his uncut cock with a fury, pulling his legs back to give a great view of his ass while coating his belly and chest with streams of cum.

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