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Eric hadn't thought about doing porn for more than a few weeks before sending in an application. At 20 y/o, he seemed to want to try something different and get out of his comfort zone. Normally a reserved guy, he said his friends would be shocked to hear he was doing something like this.

For such a young guy, Eric is pretty hairy. Or would be if he didn't hate it as much as he does. We actually met a couple weeks earlier and waited so he could stop trimming his chest and pubes. Thankfully, his legs and ass were untouched and naturally fuzzy.

Eric had gotten a few comments from girls about the thickness of his cock; it might have emboldened him to show it off to the world. One thing I noticed was how quickly he got hard. He'd barely pulled off his pants before it was starting to grow. I got the impression that there was a bit of excitement, despite being nervous his first time in front the cameras.

As you might expect, Eric was on the quiet side during his shoot. But that crumbled away leading up to his cumshot. He'd been saving up for a couple days and was ready to explode. He lubed up his stiff dick and set off toward the finish line. Eric let out a gasp, shooting a thick load halfway up his side while his whole body convulsed for several seconds afterward.

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