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Gabe had been thinking about doing porn for a handful of years. Of course, many of the places he looked were seeking models with muscular, 6-pack abs, etc. That is, until he ran across an ad for Chubs&Cubs. He did some research and, recognizing Dusty on the site (they'd been friends for a few years), Gabe called him up to make sure everything was legit. The guy definitely did his homework!

Even so, when Gabe showed up for the shoot he was pretty nervous. It didn't seem obvious to me until he asked to stop a couple times once we started shooting so he could go into the other room and re-group for a minute. The lights and cameras were a little more intimidating than he'd imagined.

Gabe is a pretty big dude at 350 lbs and 6 feet tall. He's got a whopper set of balls, too. Once he warmed up to being in front of the camera he turned out to be quite a moaner as he stroked his cock and let out his inner porn star.

Gabe usually jerks off once a day or so and had held off for a couple days before coming over. He had a heck of nice build-up once he got the thumbs-up for the grand finale, moaning loudly as he pumped out a load onto his leg and pubes.

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