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Jeremy's a plus-sized 20 y/o who'd been thinking about doing porn for a few months. When he saw an ad online he thought that now was the time to give it a shot!

He was a defensive lineman on his high school football team, but is an avid baseball fan. At 6' 2" and 275 lbs, I'm sure his fellow teammates appreciated his size. I know I did when I saw his application photos.

When Jeremy showed up for his shoot it was hard to get a read on him. He's definitely a quiet one, answering most of the questions I had with one or maybe two words. He eventually admitted to being a little nervous showing off his body on camera for the first time, but judging by how quickly his dick got hard, it seemed that he was more excited than anything.

Jeremy's jerk-off schedule is normally about once a day. After getting his shoot scheduled he made sure to hold off for a couple days, though. Once he got the go-ahead, Jeremy was ready to fire off a load almost immediately. His quiet demeanor gave way ever so slightly as he worked himself up to a thick cumshot that covered his belly.

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