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Elliot's happy-ending

I was glad to see Elliot back for another shoot. He had seen the massage table when he was over for his solo shoot and showed some interest in it. It turned out that Elliot had never gotten a happy-ending massage, so I was glad to help him check that off his list.

Elliot, for his part, seemed to be glad, too! At least that was the impression I got when his cock swelled up from between his legs as I rubbed down his back and made my way toward his ass.

By the time he turned over onto his back, Elliot was primed and ready for some attention on the front side. Every time my hands passed over his dick it seemed like it was about to break off, he was so hard.

Even though Elliot had jerked off the night before I knew he was going to blow a rockstar cumshot. And, wow did he. As I stroked him up to the edge, streams of jizz shot out, coating his chest.

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