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Will heard about the chance to make some money showing his dick to the world through a Marine buddy that we both knew. He (Will) was really busy with work for a few months, apparently, but fell on hard times and needed some quick cash.

That's the story he told me, anyway. My own thoughts are that Will is a closet exhibitionist, but needed to build up the nerve. Cos once his clothes came off, he worked the camera like he was born in front of it.

Will was a football player - an outside linebacker - before joining The Corps and has a beefy/stocky build below his baby-face and blue eyes. I love his meaty ass and downward-curved dick.

Will got so into his jack-off session that, toward the end, he gave a little signal and said he needed to stop for a second. Right before a big load of cum squirted out of his cock. Oops!

"No worries," he assured me.

Five minutes later he got himself hard again and, covered in sweat, stroked out a second load!

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